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What is the Registry of Environmental Applications and Data warehouses (READ)?

The Registry of EPA Applications, Models and Databases (READ) is the authoritative source of information about Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) applications/systems and models.  READ is the primary component in the System of Registries providing system inventory services.

EPA uses READ as an important tool for improving the Agency's ability to manage its information resources. This system catalogs existing information resources, which Program Office or Region owns that resource, and the owner for the resource.  READ also collects life cycle phase information, whether the system contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII), how the resource supports environmental statutes, and whether the resource interfaces with other EPA information resources.

READ facilitates a more enterprise-wide understanding of how information resources support the EPA mission. In an effort to streamline the reporting process, READ has been integrated into the EPA's governance process. Through this integration, EPA maintains a single resource title, acronym, and other information that is common across various reporting processes.

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