Frequent Questions

What resources should be made available to the public?

EPA organizations have the ability to share metadata records with the general public by flagging them as ‘unrestricted’ in the EDG.  Your organization decides which contributions will be kept private and which will be available to the public. Non-sensitive, EPA-produced assets should be shared with the public.

In general, EPA should make metadata records that describe information that reflects EPA’s mission areas and business available to the public.  That includes all metadata records that describe resources that have been developed by or have had substantial value-add by EPA personnel.  This may exclude those records that are considered sensitive, have not been published, are restricted by license agreement, or have draft status.  Other EPA restrictions on public access may also be considered.

When making metadata records available to the public, you are highly encouraged to make the resource described in the record also available to the public.  This will ensure that external parties who discover your metadata records can access the resources directly.  

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