Frequent Questions

How do I get access to the the System of Registries Extranet Website?

Individuals who develop, review, and maintain content, or for system developers supporting EPA and its partners may access additional content through a login process.  Login for new users is a multi-step process.  If approved, you will be granted access through the EPA portal to the System of Registries Extranet Home pages. Additional steps may be required to access specific registry functions.  Access to the System of Registries Extranet Website should be made online at:

The information you enter will be sent to the Data Standards Branch and then you will be sent to the EPA Portal Self-Registration process to create your EPA Portal login (your information will prepopulate the sceen, you will need to fill out additional fields).  After you submit your request, the Portal system administrator and the System of Registries administrator will begin processing your request.  At that time you may be contacted by Data Standards Branch staff to further assist you in evaluating your needs.  You may contact DSB at 202-566-1333 to leave a message or contact the SOR administrator, Lico galindo at 202-566-1252.

If approved, you will be notified by the EPA portal administrator that you have a login and password.  You may use it to login to the System of Registries.  You will also get a message for the System of Registries administrator advising you of your rights to specific registry functions. Please note that use of any commercial software package that underlies a registry will require training and may require a second login and password.   

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