Frequent Questions

Why is EPA developing a Reusable Component Registry?

The Office of Information Collection's Data Standards Branch (DSB) is responsible for developing and maintaining registries in support of enterprise architecture, terminology management, and substance identification. Exchange Network partners and EPA programs have repeatedly approached DSB concerning access to various services and reusable components to support various information management needs.  

These requests have included a means by which to register and store data models, code sets, web services, and access reusable schema and code. DSB was commissioned by the Exchange Network Operating Board (NOB) to conduct a study and develop a vision for addressing those needs and to determine the scope of that solution.

In addition to DSB's scoping efforts, EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) group has been charged with leading EPA's Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) initiative. Implementing SOA will require a vehicle of outreach and discovery, and the Reusable Component Services will be that vehicle.  The services will provide a one-stop place to discover components of many different types, hosted and/or managed by many different organizations.

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