Frequent Questions

What are the future plans for the System of Registries (SOR)?

The new System of Registries will be under development in calendar years 2008 and 2009. The development will enable:

Distributed stewardship, more seamless integration of the registry services and support for reusable data, metadata and other components.

Release 1- July 2008 
 Enhancements include: a new integrated System of Registries website, training/event registration; access to Frequently Asked Questions; seamless integration with the enterprise content management system, access to collaboration software, new metadata services software, and terminology management software.

Release 2 - January 2009

Enhancements include: data dictionary and code set management capabilities, integration with data standards web site, terminology glossary, and taxonomy customization functionality.

Release 3 -  March 2009
Enhancements include: compare tool capabilities, integrated identity management, improved READ interface, and a new inventory of reusable components.

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