Frequent Questions

What is the EDG?

The Environmental Dataset Gateway  or EDG is a  web-based metadata portal that provides a single point  to discover and access 
to EPA's  environmental dataset resources. The  EDG contains metadata records contributed by EPA offices and links to geospatial and non-geospatial  resources (e.g., data, services, or applications) described by those metadata records. Unrestricted information that is contributed to the  EDG is shared with  interagency data sharing portals, including and Geospatial One-Stop (GOS).

Content provided to the EDG is managed using a defined governance structure.  Each EPA  office assigns one or more  EDG Stewards responsible for contributing and managing dataset metadata at the EDG for their organization.  Stewards organize metadata and then contribute it to the EDG by either uploading it manually or using an automated process called harvesting. Metadata contributed to the EDG is reviewed and approved by the EDG Administrator.  Once it is approved, the information is available for others to discover.

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