Frequent Questions

What is the purpose of the System of Registries (SOR)?

The purpose of the EPA System of Registries (SoR) is to be an integral part of the EPA quality system and promote the delivery of consistent, accurate, and understandable information for EPA and its State and Tribal partners, other Federal agencies, and the public.  It provides tools and automated services to support the discovery, validation, and exchange of EPA information.   

A primary function of the SOR is the managment of metadata, simply defined as "data about data," that includes identification and descriptive information for agency systems, datasets, models, service components, and environmental terminology.  The SoR also includes authoritative lists of chemicals, biological organisms, facilities, and various other agency data sets, or code sets, used to support environmental management programs.  

SoR management practices include a formal registration process for all contents, stewardship by data owners and communities of interest, and support for quality reviews and assurance.  In summary, the System of Registries enables and supports the development and correct use of environmental information.

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