Frequent Questions

What are the benefits of the EDG?

The EDG provides the following key benefits:
  • The EDG connects people with resources that support EPA’s key priorities – Key data sets, such as climate change, air quality, or environmental justice are available through the EDG. 
  • The EDG allows contributors to reuse content to support their mission goals – The EDG’s REST and Search Widget are two tools organizations can use to link to live feeds from the EDG and embed the content directly into their applications.  This not only saves time and money but also provides better consistency across the agency. 
  • The  EDG streamlines EPA’s contributions to external metadata  sharing portals – The  EDG acts as a single source for EPA’s contributions to and GOS.  Content derived from  EDG is  routinely managed and updated at these external resources. 
  • The EDG supports EPA’s Open Government Plan – The EDG assists in implementing the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration by helping EPA identify and publish high-value resources.

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